A bad hmong news -Xov xwm niam txiv hmoob nyob miskas


On March 1st, 2016 my uncle Dang Vang passed away due to a sudden heart attack. A little over a month now that he has left his kids and all of us I'll like to share a little something. My uncle died of a broken heart. The women he gave his all too turned her back on him. He gave her A new life, new opportunities, a house, and a brand new 2014 RAV4, and she cheated on him with another man. Doctors couldn't find what caused him to go into cardiac arrest.

Who would've thought this women would be so evil, and heartless. We have phone records, photos, fb messages of the two... Everything pointed to that. We even caught the two meeting each other before the funeral at the motel off of hwy 61 and 36 in maplewood/saintpaul. Sunday of the funeral she even invited him to come to my uncles funeral. They both even Sat next to each other at the funeral!! Like my uncles dead body is still laying right there are you for real? Not one of our family members said a single word. We did the right thing, just let it be. She stepped on us, our whole vang family, she didn't care that her husband wasn't even under the ground yet she even invited her BF to come to the funeral! Smh. Ikr?
Trying to make this as quick and short as I can. All I have to say is... Some people are careless and heart less... Money hungry, they'll do anything for an extra dollar. Funerals over, we lost our uncle, a father and a grand father.. She still trying to get money out of us. All I gotta say is bring my uncle back to life, we'll pay yall every dollar yall want. If not take your Hmong Bs out of here. I'm surprised you and your family ain't embarrassed, still calling our vang family trying to get every dollar you can. Feel free to share fb friends and family. If you don't truly love someone just leave, you don't need to cheat. And if money's what you want work for your own money. Let the world see these two piece of shits. Here's a photo of the two. Dude is her BF Ger Vang, left is my uncles wife that cheated on him Amiee Lee.