Lucy Xiong's family says they don't believe her death was an accident


FRESNO, Calif. - A family's worst fears were confirmed Monday. Investigators say a body found in a Fresno canal over the weekend is that of 20-year-old Lucy Xiong. Chief Jerry Dyer says this case appears to be a complete accident but Xiong's parents don't want to believe the news.

On Monday night, they held a candlelight vigil and broke down as they imagined their daughter's last moments of life.

Reflections in the water revealed a glimpse of pain and sorrow as family and friends mourned the loss of Lucy Xiong.

"My heart. My heart's hurt so I don't know what to do right now," said Kor Xiong, Lucy's father.

Kor Xiong and his wife's emotions spilled with each candle lit and every flower laid.

"This. Can't believe that just happen like this. I can't believe," said Xiong.

On Monday, the Fresno County Coroner's Office confirmed the body found at this canal two days ago belongs to 20-year-old Lucy Xiong. No signs of injuries were found on her body and police say it appears Xiong fell into the water. Her family says they don't believe her death is an accident.

"I thought maybe somebody struggle her, hit her, something and she couldn't fall on the water," said Xiong.

"My heart hurts and I can't believe this happened to her," said Chao Xiong, Lucy's mother.

Xiong's mother says she's heartbroken and her last conversation with her daughter was an argument. Friends gather at the memorial in tears. One coworker says she can't focus, knowing her friend is gone.

"At work it's really hard to work because I feel like I lost like a family member," said Jenny Hernandez.

Still stunned, loved ones watched the canal, remembering how Lucy Xiong touched their lives in such a short time.

"Sometimes she say 'Dad, you hungry? What you want? What kind of food you like to eat? Tell me I go buy it for you.' But right now, she not coming back anymore, buy nothing for Dad. I really miss her. Please, can she hear me? Come back," cried Xiong.

Police are still investigating how Xiong's wallet and purse never ended up in the water but she did. Chief Dyer says an arrest of the woman who used Xiong's debit and credit cards will be made soon.