San Joaquin College of Law offering $5,000 scholarship for Hmong speaker

                 	 Hmong Scolaship

San Joaquin College of Law in Clovis is offering a $5,000 tuition reduction scholarship to an incoming student who is proficient in the Hmong language.

Hmong is the third most commonly spoken language among clients at the College’s New American Legal Clinic, “necessitating translators because there are very few Hmong-language attorneys in the area,” according to a news release.

Paul Mullen, supervising attorney for Central California Legal Services, has had the experience of serving Hmong clients. He worried about “how they were perceiving what was happening to them [in the legal system], coming from a very, very different cultural perspective.”

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is June 30, 2017. For more information, visit