PHOTO DATE: 10-27-15 LOCATION: Bldg. 2south, PAO Video Studio SUBJECT: Women@NASA Portrait: Mai Lee Chang PHOTOGRAPHER: BILL STAFFORD

Mai Lee Chang did not envision becoming a NASA engineer, growing up. At the age of six, she along with her family, settled in the U.S. as refugees of the Vietnam War. In fact, when she started elementary school, the only English word she knew was “restroom”. During her senior year in high school, her physics teacher suggested that she look into engineering as a potential college major. Mai Lee received a B.S. in Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics along with a Certificate in International Engineering and a M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012. Mai Lee is an engineer at NASA-Johnson Space Center within the Human Systems Engineering & Development Division since 2012. She started her career at NASA as a co-op student in 2006. http://women.nasa.gov/mai-lee-chang/


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